The New York Times is continuing its barrage of news stories and analysis articles on the controversy over evolution and Intelligent Design with an article by reporter Cornelia Dean, “Scientists Speak Up on Mix of God and Science.” Dean’s main point is that many scientists do claim to believe in God. Nevertheless, she reports on a recent scientific conference at City College of New York at which a panel of Nobel laureates in science was asked by a student, “Can you be a good scientist and believe in God?”
Dean reports: Reaction from one of the panelists, all Nobel laureates, was quick and sharp. “No!” declared Herbert A. Hauptman, who shared the chemistry prize in 1985 for his work on the structure of crystals. Belief in the supernatural, especially belief in God, is not only incompatible with good science, Dr. Hauptman declared, “this kind of belief is damaging to the well-being of the human race.” Well, at least he didn’t duck the question.