Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center took a look at the recent “Teen Choice Awards” program featured on Fox. The winners were chosen by teenagers via a poll organized by Teen People magazine. Bozell reports: “In between the incessant screaming of 13-year-old girls for every winner, presenter and commercial break came the award winners, and if this isn’t enough to send shivers down the spine of any parent, nothing will.”
The teenagers voted in droves for artists who drag the bottom of the moral landscape. Bozell treats parents to a list of the abysmally crude and sexually-explicit lyrics and messages featured by these “artists.” Not much can be reported here.
Here’s how Bozell summed up the event and its meaning: This is child pornography in reverse. Rather than raunchy imagery of innocent children being peddled to seedy adults, it is moral depravity being marketed to children by adults. Once upon a time, Hollywood had the common decency to build safe harbors around impressionable children. Today, the ground rules are reversed, and now it is that very sweet innocence that they are out to destroy.