Well, the battle is joined in the judicial confirmation battle. I will be a speaker at the event and simulcast sponsored by the Family Research Council. Why? Because evangelical Christians need to be reminded that our responsibility as citizens does not stop with elections, but extends to the process by which federal judges are nominated and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. It is not enough to complain about an out-of-control judiciary–we must fulfill our stewardship as citizens by urging the Senate to bring qualified nominees–approved by the Judiciary Committee–to the full Senate for a vote. Bob Edgar, a former Democratic member of Congress who now serves as General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, USA, doesn’t like the “Justice Sunday” program one bit. He accuses us of trying to “impose on the entire country a narrow, exclusivistic, private view of truth.” What about the view of truth held by the National Council of Churches, USA? Can anybody even guess what it is? Read his statement for yourself.