Last week I had the great honor of presenting the W. H. Griffith Thomas Lectures in Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. I greatly enjoyed my time on that historic campus and the opportunity to visit with Dr. Mark Bailey, the seminary’s president, as well as many professors and students.

My lecture series was entitled “Atheism Remix: The New Atheism as a Challenge to Christian Theology.” The four lectures are available in audio and video through the DTS Web site.

Lecture One: The New Atheism and the Endgame of Secularism

Lecture Two: The New Atheism and the Assault on Theism

Lecture Three: The New Atheism and the Defense of Theism

Lecture Four: The New Atheism and the Future of Christianity

Dr. Griffith Thomas was a great defender of Christian truth as well as a founder of Dallas Theological Seminary.