The Briefing 09-13-17

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  • Research finding that sexual orientation can be revealed by a computer highlights dangers of Artificial Intelligence
  • Is a Utah judge preventing two men from having a biological child, or is it biology itself?
  • The Wall Street Journal asks if we are we richer than we think we are

The Briefing 08-18-17

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  • Goodness of marriage, family, and work validated in ‘millennial success sequence’
  • Smartphones and happiness: The dangerous effects of screen time on adolescents
  • More time on the internet or less? Great Britain’s debate about technology, security, and health

The Briefing 08-09-17

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  • In the name of diversity, Google fires employee for not toeing the ideological party line
  • In Silicon Valley, quest for diversity does not extend to older workers
  • London Mayor intervenes to ensure survival of LGBT bar, make sure it is ‘sufficiently gay’
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