The Kerry Doctrine: The Separation of Church and Morality

Sen. John Kerry just told the Pope to back off. One of the most significant signs of America’s increasingly secularized public culture is the fact that politicians no longer fear the censure of their own churches. In fact, some wear the outrage of the faithful as a mark of honor.

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UC Berkeley Study: Conservatives are Nuts!

The Mohler family went to California for vacation this year, and had the authentic Left Coast experience. Yes, that’s right. Dear old Dad dragged the family to the University of California at Berkeley in order to visit the bookstores and see the campus. The experience will not soon be forgotten. Street ‘artists’ shouted obscenities as we walked along the sidewalks. The sights and smells of the street were a bit too biological for my taste. I even took my teenage daughter into Revolution Books, which is still keeping the flame alive, selling the latest volumes by Marx and Mao at retail. She was not impressed.

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