The Briefing 08-24-17

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  • As the Powerball jackpot soars, states reap reward by preying on most vulnerable citizens
  • Oregon enacts nation’s most radical abortion law, making all taxpayers complicit
  • The sexual revolution goes to kindergarten: Schools 'betray' parents, indoctrinate kids

The Briefing 08-23-17

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  • Explanations of the eclipse reveal clash of worldviews
  • Why Afghanistan is far more than a military challenge
  • After Barcelona attacks, secular Europe still denies the’s theological

The Briefing 08-18-17

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  • Goodness of marriage, family, and work validated in ‘millennial success sequence’
  • Smartphones and happiness: The dangerous effects of screen time on adolescents
  • More time on the internet or less? Great Britain’s debate about technology, security, and health

The Briefing 08-16-17

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  • Head of Scotland’s national arts agency calls for gender inclusivity by coercion in church leadership
  • Pot paradise in California desert? Marijuana company buys California town for cannabis resort
  • College and cannabis: Students perform better after losing legal access to marijuana

The Briefing 08-15-17

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  • What does the rising number of cremations tell us about shifts in America’s worldview?
  • Pyre fit for a King: Thailand prepares for King’s funeral and cremation
  • World maps changed radically 70 years ago today as Pakistan and India gained independence

The Briefing 08-10-17

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  • War of words: Tensions at a fever pitch between United States and North Korea
  • Anglicans divided over same-sex marriage as archbishop of Canterbury visits Africa
  • Why does the Western media keep running photographs of a shirtless Vladimir Putin?

The Briefing 08-09-17

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  • In the name of diversity, Google fires employee for not toeing the ideological party line
  • In Silicon Valley, quest for diversity does not extend to older workers
  • London Mayor intervenes to ensure survival of LGBT bar, make sure it is ‘sufficiently gay’

The Briefing 08-08-17

  • Wisconsin company embeds microchips in employees, raises questions about mark of the beast
  • New gene-editing technology brings bioethical challenge with the threat of designer babies
  • Oh, d-d-d-dear: Communist party in China censors Winnie the Pooh

The Briefing 08-07-17

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  • Richard Dawkins event cancelled over criticism of Islam. Why the double standard?
  • Insecurity of atheism on full display as China bans religion for Communists
  • Searching for legitimacy in a secular age, couples turn to retired New York judges

The Briefing 08-04-17

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  • President Trump makes argument for Western civilization in Poland speech
  • A promise they cannot keep: Church of England considers ceremony recognizing transgender identity
  • Worldview Book Recommendation: 'Amusing Ourselves to Death' by Neil Postman

The Briefing 08-03-17

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  • Safe, legal, and rare no longer: Oregon legislators adopt aggressive new abortion law
  • Pro-lifers welcome? Not so fast, says far-left members of the Democratic party
  • Germany and Australia embrace same-sex marriage under corporate and international pressure

The Briefing 08-02-17

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  • Who defines futility? Charlie Gard and the debate over parental rights
  • Lawyer appointed to represent Charlie Gard linked to pro-euthanasia group
  • Prominent British minister Steve Chalke denies Original Sin. Should we be surprised?

The Briefing 08-01-17

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  • Who has the authority to speak for children? Lessons from the life and death of Charlie Gard
  • Language and cultural warfare: Scurrilous charge of ‘hate group’ made against Alliance Defending Freedom
  • PETA to honor cows killed, not for eating, but in traffic accident

The Briefing 06-30-17

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  • Harry Potter at 20: What will be the legacy of J.K. Rowling's fantasy series 'Harry Potter'?
  • The iPhone turns 10: Who owns whom? Do we own the iPhone, or does the iPhone own us?
  • Religious liberty vs. sexual liberty: How "dignitary harm" could completely reshape the conversation

The Briefing 06-29-17

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  • The politics of abortion: 25 years ago today, SCOTUS handed down the infamous Casey decision
  • Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has played an outsize role in America's culture wars
  • Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards thinks she can change America's conscience on abortion. Will she?
  • Church of CrossFit? Why gyms and other secular communities are replacing church for many today