The Briefing 09-04-15

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  • KY County Clerk jailed over refusal to issue marriage licenses in display of judicial arrogance
  • Larry King's fixation on death exposes a desperate desire for hope beyond death
  • Labor Day a reminder of dignity and value of all work

The Briefing 09-03-15

  • Portland Catholic school reverses policy on gay employees in less than 48 hours
  • UT's proposed gender pronoun policy exposes presence of morality shift even in Bible Belt
  • Missouri high school grants transgender teen access to girls' bathroom
  • Pervasive doping raises questions of reality for fans of track and field

The Briefing 09-02-15

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  • Pope's 'Year of Mercy' exemplifies problems of sacramental system, changes nothing
  • Judge awards religious liberty to March for Life on moral, not religious basis
  • Professor's syllabus bans use of offensive terms like 'male' and 'female'
  • Opposition to child-bearing reflects reduction to children to a mere 'want'

The Briefing 09-01-15

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  • Enduring nature of temptation to idolatory illustrated in current events
  • Indiana editorial's celebration of total non-discrimination exposes pervasiveness of sexual revolution
  • Polygamy lawsuit depends on Supreme Court gay marriage ruling for defense

The Briefing 08-28-15

  • Duke freshman rejects explicit graphic novel assignment over temptation, not offense
  • Dispute over Planned Parenthood videos' authenticity shows need for official investigation
  • 10th anniversary of Katrina reminder of value and fragility of civilization

The Briefing 08-27-15

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  • Aurora shooter given 12 life sentences without parole as statement on insufficiency of prison for full justice
  • Debate over life without parole, death penalty reflects devaluing of human life
  • New York Times editorial board opposes Ohio Down Syndrome abortion ban on basis of sanctity of choice
  • Clash between law and Indian sect suicide fast exposes clash between worldviews

The Briefing 08-25-15

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  • Stock market roller coaster reminder confidence in market should never be ultimate
  • Professor commits transgender revolution heresy by pointing out inescapable biological aspect of gender
  • Designers capitalize on gender blur in fashion trends, attempting to shape cultural norms

The Briefing 08-24-15

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  • Ohio bill banning Down Syndrome abortions exposes shame of America for permitting such deaths
  • Marches against Planned Parenthood across the nation on Saturday contained thousands
  • Coalition opposes faith-based organizations receiving any federal funds in secular state
  • North Korea shifts time zone in effort to assert independence from Japan and entire world

The Briefing 08-21-15

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  • Impressive advance in gene editing expose lack of boundaries to 'progress' in Western worldview
  • Marijuana's rising approval neglects reality of consequences and harm of its legalizaiton
  • Denver councilmen express moral concern over religious values of Chick-fil-A owners

The Briefing 08-19-15

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  • Oregon's right-to-die laws destroying trust between patients and doctors
  • Power of theology and worldview to ISIS appeal to even teens recognized by New York Times
  • Chattanooga gunman discovered to have been motivated by need to have sin forgiven

The Briefing 08-18-15

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  • Legitimacy of moral conduct codes at Christian colleges questioned
  • Lack of middle ground on gay marriage for evangelicals befuddles secular analysts
  • Historic Baptist church embraces gay marriage nondiscrimination policy
  • Fertility clinics offer option of sex selection, reducing children to customized products

The Briefing 08-17-15

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  • Politicians, including White House, defend Planned Parenthood in cycle of anti-life
  • Efforts to defund Planned Parenthood critiqued as inconsistent with destruction of embryos
  • Colorado baker informed by court his Christian convictions need not apply to baking
  • Federal court instructs nuns on whether nuns should oppose contraception mandate

The Briefing 08-14-15

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  • Pro-choice journalist questions position after horror of Planned Parenthood videos
  • Secular parents struggle with children's predisposition to believe in God
  • Preschool teacher claims role in challenging sexual morality children learn at home

The Briefing 08-12-15

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  • Study presenting difficulty of parenthood reveals focus of happiness in status, not family
  • Question of affordability of having kids unique question of secular worldview
  • Indian political controversy over beef trade shows constant influence of theology

The Briefing 08-10-15

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  • Liberal Canadian denomination faces conundrum in discipline case of atheist pastor
  • Arian Foster's decades-old atheism proclaimed in effort to promote secular worldview
  • Target stops distinguishing between boy and girl toys in concretization of gender confusion
  • One year later, Michael Brown's death symbol of ongoing challenge of racial reconciliation
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