The Briefing 02-15-16

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  • Late legal giant Justice Scalia's textualism has direct bearing on biblical hermeneutics
  • Mexican mariology cult eclipses Jesus, falsely teaches Mary as sinless "mediator"
  • Ex-Auschwitz guard urged to break silence in trial and "tell the historical truth"

The Briefing 02-12-16

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  • Discovery of gravitational waves wonderful, but the universe cannot tell its story alone
  • Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch to make history discussing future of Christianity
  • Drafting mothers and daughters not only bad policy, but contrary to God's design

The Briefing 02-11-16

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  • Argument rejecting CDC's advice for women of childbearing age to abstain from alcohol a rejection of God's design
  • Attempts to change vocabulary around alcohol abuse remove moral responsibility
  • Crisis pregnancy centers challenge law that forces them to be complicit in the culture of death

The Briefing 02-10-16

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  • Results of New Hampshire primary reflect the truth that even geography matters to worldview
  • Bernie Sanders's "religious feelings" have no doctrinal content yet still trouble atheists
  • GOP shouldn't cut the "God talk," religion a good indicator of worldview and policy
  • Florida man's crime of assault with a deadly alligator a picture of human ingenuity in sin

The Briefing 02-09-16

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  • Rise of socialism's popularity on the Left reveals many unaware of historical failures
  • Clash of worldviews on the Left puts Hollywood and young voters at odds with feminists
  • Global unrest has direct impact on 2016 presidential race in the candidacy of Rand Paul

The Briefing 02-08-16

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  • NARAL's outrage over Doritos ultrasound ad reveals that pro-choice means anti-baby
  • Feminist laments lack of sympathy from feminist friends after miscarriage, mourns child
  • Necco candy chooses gay couple for Valentine's ad, attempts to capitalize on moral revolution
  • $4.5 billion: cost of the battle for our eyeballs over 50 years of Super Bowl advertising

The Briefing 02-05-16

· · · ·

  • Prior to considering legal challenges of revenge porn is the morality of pornography itself
  • Recommending "safe sex" in light of Zika virus fails to consider meaning of "safe" or "sex"
  • Utah legislator recognizes harmful effects of porn, dismisses as merely correlation
  • Barbie's new figure reminds that even toys have a worldview behind them
  • Students paying full tuition at Ivy League business school for new age spiritualism

The Briefing 02-04-16

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  • In historic mosque visit, Obama attempts to reduce teaching of Islam to moralism
  • In influential mosques across the globe, demise of the West a common theme preached
  • Statement for religious freedom signed in country that does not recognize Christian faith
  • Death of militarized fourth-grader in Afghanistan exposes horror story of child combatants
  • Proponent of forcing bakers to bake gay cakes changes mind, champions freedom of conscience

The Briefing 02-03-16

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  • US looks to register women for the draft, comes face-to-face with egalitarian implications
  • Recent pro-life victories in Kentucky made possible by election of pro-life governor
  • While some religious liberty battles are inevitable, Bevin shows how others are avoidable
  • China detains Christian pastor, sends signal to those who would challenge the atheist regime

The Briefing 02-01-16

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  • Origin of "-phobic" in cultural vocabulary reveals link between conversation and worldview
  • Multiplication of new gender pronouns a rejection of God's design of man as male and female

The Briefing 01-29-16

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  • Christian response to Zika virus should be righteous concern for human life, not fear
  • Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann's letter illustrates human propensity to deny guilt

The Briefing 01-28-16

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  • Political polling mirrors American sports scene, distorts political process
  • The political process is a reminder that our worldview is fundamental to how we think
  • Though some declare Planned Parenthood "vindicated," the Law of God stands over law of man
  • Upcoming releases from Hollywood expose an underlying worldview careening left

The Briefing 01-26-16


  • Every presidential election boils down to a choice between competing worldviews
  • Character, conviction, and worldview must be central in determining how a Christian votes

The Briefing 01-25-16

· · ·

  • Total erosion of doctrine of creation in Iceland shows rapid acceleration of secularization
  • New York Times editorial board unable to answer origin of human evil and sinfulness
  • World Economic Forum in Davos reminds of man's inability to save himself

The Briefing 01-22-16

· · · ·

  • Britain charges Putin with assassination crime, seeks justice by airing truth
  • Children's lives unacceptably endangered in Flint, Michigan as city sought to save money
  • Government promises to "out" schools seeking Title IX waivers in response to LGBT lobby
  • As higher ed institutions move further left, the free exchange of ideas is threatened
  • U of L Law School's diversity initiatives tend to produce monolithic, liberal results

The Briefing 01-21-16

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  • 57,762,169: The number of abortions performed in the United States since Roe v. Wade
  • America's cognitive dissonance on abortion reveals deep moral confusion
  • Abortion remains central issue in 2016 presidential election for Christians

The Briefing 01-20-16

· · · · ·

  • US-Iranian hostage swap prime example of moral dilemmas often faced in a fallen world
  • Hawking makes end-of-world predictions, illustrates hopelessness of secular naturalism
  • Custody battles over frozen embryos underscore personhood of unborn from conception
  • Rising trend to abort babies with Down's Syndrome an affront to the image of God
  • New government guidelines for Canadian schools reveal the reaches of the LGBT revolution

The Briefing 01-19-16

· · ·

  • Increase in mortality rate due to drug abuse correlates moral behavior and wellbeing
  • Nonsensical amicus brief before SCOTUS argues for abortion rights for "pregnant men"
  • Legal and societal issues arising from breakup of the family show marriage is irreplaceable
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