The Briefing 09-22-15

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  • Pope's caution in Cuba exposes tension between roles as religious leader and head of state
  • Pope sets pattern of liberalizing Catholicism's effect without formally adjusting teaching
  • Tennnessean schools instruct students on Islam, separating religious facts from beliefs

The Briefing 09-18-15

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  • Appeals court ruling sets up Obamacare religious freedom clash in Supreme Court
  • Obama defends Planned Parenthood, furthers culture of personal autonomy idolatry
  • NFL teams profit from gambling in guise of fantasy football even as it denounces gambling
  • Self-inflicted wound of marijuana on Colorado not a laughing matter

The Briefing 09-17-15

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  • Archbishop of Canterbury to formalize rift in Anglican Communion to preserve some unity
  • Shocking racial disparity evident in abortion unaddressed by abortionists must not be avoided
  • Workaholic culture in Japan pressures women to abort child for sake of career
  • Non-Christians rebuke Christian understanding of doctrine over FBC Greenville

The Briefing 09-15-15

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  • Study links homophobia to mental illness, using therapeutic worldview to further moral shift
  • Justice Breyer presents European courts as moral standard for US decisions
  • First legal crop of pot in DC sows moral confusion as cannot be legally sold
  • Power of images to shape our feelings important factor in how we view world as Christians

The Briefing 09-14-15

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  • Young woman's hope in cryonics for life after death shows futility of materialistic worldview
  • Medical associations help California assisted suicide law pass and UK bill fail
  • Time Magazine raises the question of the expiration of mongamy
  • Republican candidates narrow before a single vote cast

The Briefing 09-11-15

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  • Gay marriage celebrant's rebuke of Christians shows moral judgment inescapable
  • Obama invites gay Catholic to meet with Pope at White House in order to embarrass Pope
  • Claim of new human ancestor discovery example of constant shifting of evolutionary theory
  • Parents using texting to communicate with teens sacrifice conversation for convenience

The Briefing 09-09-15

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  • Lack of moral authority higher than individual choice evidence in attack on Ohio abortion ban
  • Supposed popularity of sexual fluidity reveals pop culture as tool for moral revolution
  • 'Divorce selfies' and celebration of divorce an undermining of basic significance of marriage
  • Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning British monarch today

The Briefing 09-08-15

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  • Waves of migrants fleeing to Europe overwhelm Europe, world
  • Judge's ruling on Kim Davis denies natural law higher than rulings of courts
  • Celebration of marijuana legalization leads to college pot consumption exceeding tobacco

The Briefing 09-04-15

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  • KY County Clerk jailed over refusal to issue marriage licenses in display of judicial arrogance
  • Larry King's fixation on death exposes a desperate desire for hope beyond death
  • Labor Day a reminder of dignity and value of all work

The Briefing 09-03-15

  • Portland Catholic school reverses policy on gay employees in less than 48 hours
  • UT's proposed gender pronoun policy exposes presence of morality shift even in Bible Belt
  • Missouri high school grants transgender teen access to girls' bathroom
  • Pervasive doping raises questions of reality for fans of track and field

The Briefing 09-02-15

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  • Pope's 'Year of Mercy' exemplifies problems of sacramental system, changes nothing
  • Judge awards religious liberty to March for Life on moral, not religious basis
  • Professor's syllabus bans use of offensive terms like 'male' and 'female'
  • Opposition to child-bearing reflects reduction to children to a mere 'want'

The Briefing 09-01-15

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  • Enduring nature of temptation to idolatory illustrated in current events
  • Indiana editorial's celebration of total non-discrimination exposes pervasiveness of sexual revolution
  • Polygamy lawsuit depends on Supreme Court gay marriage ruling for defense

The Briefing 08-28-15

  • Duke freshman rejects explicit graphic novel assignment over temptation, not offense
  • Dispute over Planned Parenthood videos' authenticity shows need for official investigation
  • 10th anniversary of Katrina reminder of value and fragility of civilization

The Briefing 08-27-15

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  • Aurora shooter given 12 life sentences without parole as statement on insufficiency of prison for full justice
  • Debate over life without parole, death penalty reflects devaluing of human life
  • New York Times editorial board opposes Ohio Down Syndrome abortion ban on basis of sanctity of choice
  • Clash between law and Indian sect suicide fast exposes clash between worldviews

The Briefing 08-25-15

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  • Stock market roller coaster reminder confidence in market should never be ultimate
  • Professor commits transgender revolution heresy by pointing out inescapable biological aspect of gender
  • Designers capitalize on gender blur in fashion trends, attempting to shape cultural norms
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