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Hardcover book opened on a wooden table in a forest, with green leaves defocused background . Wind moves the pages, in a fly-like mouvement. Book pages are slighty yellowish. Shallow depth of field with focus on the book spine.

A Stack of Books for the Season: Summer Reading List for 2017

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“As It Had Been the Face of an Angel” — A Commission for God’s Messengers

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Performing Abortion is “God’s Work?” The Real Story of Christianity and Abortion

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Jesus Christ cross. Christian wooden cross on a background with dramatic lighting, colorful sunset, twilight and orange -  purple clouds and sky.  Easter, resurrection,Good Friday concept

Of First Importance: The Priority of the Cross and the Empty Tomb

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The Gathering Storm: Religious Liberty in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution

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The Shack — The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment

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