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The Briefing 12-01-16

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  • Redefining parenthood, redefining civilization: Ontario's radical new "All Families Are Equal Act"
  • Who is the relevant authority on science? How evangelicals are baffling research scientists

The Briefing 11-30-16

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  • Authenticity in advertising or hypocrisy in posturing? Down Syndrome and recent advertising trends
  • A new kind of evangelicalism? The Doctrine of Scripture and Red Letter Christianity
  • Is it wrong to subject gorillas to captivity? Man, the image of God, and creation
  • As wildfires blaze across the American South, we should pray for the first responders and rain

The Briefing 11-29-16

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  • Secularists in Great Britain offended by Prime Minister Theresa May's vague statement on faith
  • Is it possible to understand the world without taking religion seriously? Missing religion at the BBC
  • How designers refusing to dress the Trumps exposed the left's inconsistency on moral objection

The Briefing 11-28-16

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  • Fidel Castro, one of the most infamous figures of the 20th century, dead at age 90
  • Why the nomination of a Secretary of Education reveals the fault lines of America’s worldview conflict

The Briefing 11-23-16

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  • Thanks be to whom? Celebrating Thanksgiving in an increasingly secular age
  • The sin of ingratitude and the remedy of thanks: Biblical foundations of Thanksgiving
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