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The Briefing 05-05-16

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  • Moral opportunists seek to overturn amendments that protect tax payers from funding abortion
  • The disappearance of moral courage in America is leading to a collapse of liberty
  • Death of moral courage: Former SS guard admits witnessing atrocities, standing by in silence

The Briefing 05-04-16

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  • Crisis in American democracy: Indiana primary seals radical redefinition of political landscape

The Briefing 05-03-16

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  • A majority of millennials reject capitalism and support Bernie. Is this the future of America?
  • The language of postmodernity: why the phrase "I feel like..." undermines the truth
  • Can you legislate morality? Why the U.S. has in the past and should continue to in the future

The Briefing 05-02-16

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  • SCOTUS's liberal direction a product of Hollywood's influence on Washington, not the reverse
  • Confusion in moral chaos: GOP Congressman inadvertently passes measure to register women for the draft
  • French millennials toy with anarchy under the false promises of utopian politics

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When the essential institutions of society are no longer respected, government demands that respect for itself. That is a recipe for tyranny.

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