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The Briefing 08-30-16

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  • Sexual assault education ... in kindergarten? When morality is untethered from revelation
  • Whose life should be saved first? The irreducibly moral dimension of public health
  • Peace in the Americas: Permanent cease-fire concludes half-century civil war in Colombia

The Briefing 08-29-16

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  • From the French Revolution to 'burkini' bans: France's radical commitment to secularism
  • Religion or rhetoric? The Democratic Party's shift toward religious 'talk' rings hollow
  • In another judicial usurpation, a federal judge grants transgender bathroom access at UNC

The Briefing 08-26-16

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  • Another Earth? Why cosmology always reveals theology
  • Dishonorable discharge? An Army general's adultery and the American conscience
  • The "Good Parent" vs. the "Get-Real Parent": Deep moral insight for parents from an unexpected source

The Briefing 08-25-16

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  • God and the natural order: How should Christians process the deadly earthquake in Italy?
  • ISIS turns to kids for its future, recruiting new suicide bombers with toys and ice cream
  • New federal transgender rule threatens backbone of the American health care system—religious hospitals

The Briefing 08-24-16

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  • Planned Parenthood's deadly—and newly aggressive—worldview
  • The "unschooling" movement hits Louisville. Was Rousseau right about education?

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Do the sexual revolutionaries and their erstwhile supporters and theologians understand just what they have set loose?

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