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The Briefing 04-21-17

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  • Money, morality, and the media: Bill O'Reilly out at Fox News amidst accusations of sexual harassment
  • New York Governor Cuomo mandates insurers cover infertility treatment for singles, same-sex couples
  • New York's latest offer of tuition-free college at state schools: A government takeover of higher ed?
  • Is the Bible's position on women in ministry sexist? Complementarianism in the New York Times

The Briefing 04-20-17

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  • In oral arguments on church-state relations, SCOTUS Justices appear to side with Trinity Lutheran
  • Parental rights and the role of government: Homeschooling in America and abroad
  • Are our kids' toys spying on us? Germany isn't taking any chances

The Briefing 04-19-17

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  • Scraped knees, the Blaine amendment, and separation of church and state today at the US Supreme Court
  • NYT columnist asks President Carter the most important question: "Am I a Christian?"

The Briefing 04-18-17

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  • Glorifying abortion, Planned Parenthood to honor Hillary Clinton with "Champion of the Century" award
  • Will free speech survive on America's college campuses? Latest trial at Wellesley and Pomona colleges
  • Don't all jobs matter? The importance of work and dignity in the biblical worldview

The Briefing 04-17-17

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  • The fragility of liberty: Turkey referendum centralizes autocratic rule of President Erdogan
  • Paranoia on parade: North Korea's militaristic personality cult and the danger it poses to the world
  • In apparent moral surrender, Canada's Trudeau proposes bill to legalize recreational marijuana
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