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The Briefing 05-23-16

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  • United Methodists decide not to decide on homosexuality, avoiding schism—for now

The Briefing 05-20-16

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  • No free lunch: Economists warn Bernie's socialist policies would lead to economic catastrophe
  • LGBT activists assert human dignity at the expense of human identity, undermining both
  • How do we talk to our kids about sex? Christian parents have it easier than the sexual revolutionaries

The Briefing 05-19-16

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  • Chasing a higher high, NYC teens turn to dangerous substance made from marijuana extract
  • Will capitalism transform cannabis, or will cannabis transform capitalism in California?
  • Feminists watch closely as the Pope considers women for the diaconate in the Catholic Church
  • If we abandon the doctrine of creation, we abandon the ability to speak of a created order

The Briefing 05-18-16

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  • York Minster's syncretistic embrace of Zen Buddhism out of sync with Christian orthodoxy
  • Theology and fertility: As West secularizes, unbelief projected to decline globally due to low birth rates

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