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The Briefing 01-16-17

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  • Moral logic in FL marriage law defies logic of the sexual revolution to protect children
  • Religious liberty in the military: Chaplains shouldn't have to choose whether to serve God or the army
  • Religious liberty in the balance: Why the Fairness for All campaign is a threat to religious liberty
  • What the decline of the American mall says about our changing American society

The Briefing 01-13-17

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  • Convicted killer in California first to receive taxpayer-funded gender-reassignment surgery
  • Should fashion designers who refuse to dress the Trumps have that right based on moral objections?
  • We are what we watch? How our TV habits reveal worldview

The Briefing 01-12-17

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  • What to watch for in the Senate's confirmation hearings on Trump's cabinet nominations
  • Meryl Streep, the Golden Globes, and Hollywood's "new kind of culture war"
  • Bubbles, automobiles, and zip codes: How a worldview is shaped
  • The culture of death and theology: Faith leaders "bless" new Planned Parenthood facility

The Briefing 01-11-17

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  • Pres. Obama's farewell address: Reflecting back on the legacy of the 44th president
  • Why the death penalty matters: Dylann Roof sentenced to death in Charleston AME Church massacre

The Briefing 01-10-17

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  • A tale of Protestant liberalism: Historic Baptist church in D.C. calls lesbian couple as co-pastors
  • In pro-life victory, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signs into law legislation that protects the unborn
  • "Biology matters": LA Times column tackles the futility of gender-neutral parenting

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