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The Briefing 01-23-17

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  • President Trump's inaugural address, the media's reaction, and a tale of two Americas
  • Identity politics and the Women's March: A closer look at Saturday's protests
  • Facts vs. "alternative facts"? Why the media has such a hard time defining truth

The Briefing 01-20-17

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  • The history of Inauguration Day, the pageant of democracy, and the peaceful transfer of power
  • In final news conference, Obama reflects on his legacy, doesn't promise political silence

The Briefing 01-19-17

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  • Why the Left fears Sec. of Education nominee Betsy DeVos, champion of parental choice in education
  • Canadian judge rules pro-life ad depicting unborn fetus too emotionally distressing
  • What are Christians to make of the report that the abortion rate is falling in the US?
  • Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway will be first sitting White House official to address March for Life

The Briefing 01-18-17

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  • In final days as president, Obama commutes sentence of traitor Bradley "Chelsea" Manning
  • Church of England Archbishops call for Christians to "repent" for the Reformation

The Briefing 01-17-17

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  • Feminism and abortion: Under pressure, Women's March releases statement excluding pro-life women
  • Theological confusion: Scottish Episcopal Church allows anti-Christian reading from the Koran
  • Vatican invites doomsday prophet who supports forced abortion and sterilization to speak
  • Theological horror and the fascination with evil: Author of 'The Exorcist' dies at 89
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