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The Briefing 06-22-17

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  • 5th straight special election victory for GOP in Georgia raises questions of Democratic Party identity
  • What is the Queen's Speech? Important differences between the British and American forms of government
  • A modern monarchy in historical context: Why Saudi Arabia rewrote its hereditary monarchy's succession

The Briefing 06-21-17

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  • London terror attack targeting Muslim community center exposes challenges Islam faces in the West
  • What is the role of government? The aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire in London that killed 79
  • The question of legacy after Bill Cosby's sexual assault accusations and mistrial

The Briefing 06-20-17

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  • Did Christians start the wedding wars? It isn't Christianity whose definition of marriage changed.
  • Digital age parenting: Do we really have to be told Amazon's 'Alexa' doesn't make a good parent?
  • The New Yorker discovers St. Augustine: Sex and the priority of theology in Augustine's thought

The Briefing 06-19-17

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  • The illiberality of secularism: UK Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron resigns over Christian beliefs
  • With loss of theological vocabulary, society no longer knows what to say in the aftermath of tragedy

The Briefing 06-16-17

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  • Will the Alexandria shooting change the revolutionary rhetoric on both political sides?
  • Moralistic Therapeutic Deism and the role of parents & churches in America's teenage spiritual crisis
  • Worldview Book Recommendation: 'Closing of the American Mind' by Allan Bloom
Hardcover book opened on a wooden table in a forest, with green leaves defocused background . Wind moves the pages, in a fly-like mouvement. Book pages are slighty yellowish. Shallow depth of field with focus on the book spine.

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With the arrival of warm weather, most of us are able to turn to a stack of books that had to wait for summer. The following is my list of ten recommended books for summer reading. This list must be seen for what it is — a recommendation of ten books I am eager to recommend — books that I found thought-provoking and fun.

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