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The Briefing 06-27-16

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  • Brexit means change for both Britain and Europe. But just what will that change bring?
  • Influential conservative George Will exits GOP over loss of party's conservative identity
  • One year after Obergefell, historic decision still sending shock waves throughout society

The Briefing 06-24-16

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  • Political drama in the House of Representatives as Democrats stage sit-in on gun control
  • SCOTUS checks Obama's executive overreach on immigration, upholds UT's affirmative action
  • Correlation between religious affiliation and abortion highlights why theology matters
  • The stories of two 90-year-old men allow us to reflect on the debt we owe to history

The Briefing 06-23-16

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  • Brexit and the question of identity: Is the UK more fundamentally British or European?
  • Obama admin continues to pave over Christian conscience in California insurance ruling
  • New York's "blue laws" endure as a residual witness to America's Christian heritage

The Briefing 06-22-16

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  • Character in leadership: Does it matter to evangelicals in the 2016 presidential race?
  • Dignity in crisis: An alarming number of able-bodied men not working or looking for work
  • Distributing condoms to teens increases sexual activity and pregnancies, new study shows

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As Harold O. J. Brown warned, the gates of hell often come very close to the church. Confusing the questions endangers the church, and no faithful theologian would willingly risk that danger.

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Character in Leadership — Does it Still Matter?

In the coming weeks, we are going to be learning a great deal more about the presidential candidates. But it’s also increasingly true that we’re going to be learning a great deal about ourselves as evangelical Christians in America. Perhaps we had better brace ourselves for what we’re going to learn.

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