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The Briefing 02-22-17

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  • Trump administration poised to reverse Obama's transgender bathroom directive, leaving issue to states
  • Economic bullying: Global corporations and NFL threaten Texas over proposed bathroom bill
  • New C-SPAN poll ranking the US presidents says more about the historians involved than the presidents
  • Michael Novak, major conservative intellectual and defender of human dignity, dies at 83

The Briefing 02-21-17

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  • Oregon considering bill that blurs line between physician-assisted suicide and state-sanctioned murder
  • A crime for not much longer? British police are looking the other way on assisted suicide
  • Acceptance is outstripping research on health risks as more pregnant women and retirees use marijuana
  • Learning from children: Are kids bad at paying attention, or are adults not paying enough attention?

The Briefing 02-20-17

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  • From pro-choice symbol to pro-life activist: Norma McCorvey, 'Roe' of Roe v. Wade, dies at 69
  • Pew Study shows Americans "warming" overall to religious groups, but neutral toward evangelicals
  • North Korea's cult of personality and the mysterious assassination of Kim Jong-un's half brother
  • When a toy is more than a toy: American Girl's new boy doll and Cayla the spying doll

The Briefing 02-17-17

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  • Washington state Supreme Court rules against Christian florist Barronnelle Stutzman in gay wedding case
  • 6th Circuit says Christian prayer at public meetings unconstitutional, challenging SCOTUS precedent
  • Church of England on the precipice of rejecting 2000 years of Christian teaching on homosexuality

The Briefing 02-16-17

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  • Character and credibility: Trump administration roiled by resignations of Flynn and Puzder
  • Bioethics and humanity's future: Gene editing in human embryos gets green light from advisory board
  • "Naked is normal": Taking credit for jumpstarting the sexual revolution, Playboy brings back nudity

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