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The Briefing 08-21-17

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  • Is the left winning? Why America seems to be moving in only one cultural direction
  • What does a divided America tell us about disappearing political and theological centers?
  • Partisan divide grows when it comes to abortion, but it’s much more than a partisan issue

The Briefing 08-18-17

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  • Goodness of marriage, family, and work validated in ‘millennial success sequence’
  • Smartphones and happiness: The dangerous effects of screen time on adolescents
  • More time on the internet or less? Great Britain’s debate about technology, security, and health

The Briefing 08-17-17

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  • Australia moves toward same-sex marriage vote as sexual and religious liberties collide
  • ‘Nones’ on the rise in Australia, but the future isn’t secular
  • Who can we trust? The future of truth in the new media environment

The Briefing 08-16-17

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  • Head of Scotland’s national arts agency calls for gender inclusivity by coercion in church leadership
  • Pot paradise in California desert? Marijuana company buys California town for cannabis resort
  • College and cannabis: Students perform better after losing legal access to marijuana

The Briefing 08-15-17

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  • What does the rising number of cremations tell us about shifts in America’s worldview?
  • Pyre fit for a King: Thailand prepares for King’s funeral and cremation
  • World maps changed radically 70 years ago today as Pakistan and India gained independence

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The lessons of history are warning enough. The lessons of heresy are even more pressing. Brothers and sisters in Christ, we dare not miss the lessons of history and heresy. God will judge us. This we know.

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