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The Briefing 10-20-16

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  • Final showdown before millions: In third presidential debate, candidates pressed on policy & character
  • Will the Society of Biblical Literature ban InterVarsity Press over historic Christian position on sexuality?

The Briefing 10-19-16

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  • "Back end eugenics": African Americans in D.C. suspicious of pending assisted suicide law
  • Federal court to pro-life centers: You must tell women where they can get abortions
  • Media bias by the numbers: 96% of campaign contributions from journalists went to Hillary Clinton

The Briefing 10-18-16

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  • Time to desegregate the sexes? The conflicting absolutes of the gender revolution
  • Millennials against free speech? The disappearance of common ground in the public square
  • Support for the deadliest political ideology in human history is on the rise among millennials

The Briefing 10-17-16

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  • Planned Parenthood: 100 years of searing the American conscience on abortion
  • After decades of draconian one-child policy, China unable to convince its people to have more children

The Briefing 10-14-16

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  • "Religious beliefs have to change": Hillary Clinton's open hostility toward religious liberty
  • Dutch government proposes "death assistance providers" for anyone who feels they have "completed life"
  • When it's everywhere, sex no longer sells: Abercrombie abandons sexually explicit ads
  • Girls, boys, and gender-neutral toys: It turns out boys and girls are still different
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