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The Briefing 04-27-17

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  • The prophets of secularization miscalculated: Religious people have more children than secular people
  • ISIS, Cubs of the Caliphate, and the importance of capturing the hearts of our children with the truth

The Briefing 04-26-17

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  • Two candidates, two worldviews, two futures: Why the French presidential election matters
  • When socialism becomes fascism: Political unrest compounds economic disaster unfolding in Venezuela
  • Is the March for Science "apolitical"? The important difference between Science and Scientism
  • Ideas have consequences: Communism, atheism, and the dark history of East Germany

The Briefing 04-25-17

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  • Siege warfare and the Syrian civil war: Why the Christian understanding of Just War Theory matters
  • Shouldn't we just ban the bomb? Nuclear weapons and the problem of sin and knowledge
  • Canadian military tackles the soul-destroying question of when to shoot a child soldier

The Briefing 04-24-17

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  • How should evangelicals respond to Russia's ban of Jehovah's Witnesses as "extremist group"?
  • Why is the atheistic regime in communist China concerned about the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama?
  • Theology matters: TIME reports Mormon leader is urging more baptisms on behalf of the dead

The Briefing 04-21-17

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  • Money, morality, and the media: Bill O'Reilly out at Fox News amidst accusations of sexual harassment
  • New York Governor Cuomo mandates insurers cover infertility treatment for singles, same-sex couples
  • New York's latest offer of tuition-free college at state schools: A government takeover of higher ed?
  • Is the Bible's position on women in ministry sexist? Complementarianism in the New York Times
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