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The Briefing 08-16-17

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  • Head of Scotland’s national arts agency calls for gender inclusivity by coercion in church leadership
  • Pot paradise in California desert? Marijuana company buys California town for cannabis resort
  • College and cannabis: Students perform better after losing legal access to marijuana

The Briefing 08-15-17

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  • What does the rising number of cremations tell us about shifts in America’s worldview?
  • Pyre fit for a King: Thailand prepares for King’s funeral and cremation
  • World maps changed radically 70 years ago today as Pakistan and India gained independence

The Briefing 08-14-17

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  • Tragedy in Charlottesville as alt-right, white supremacist protesters clash with counter-protesters
  • The lessons of history and the heresy of racial superiority
  • Clash of moralities: Prominent gay activist Tim Gill threatens to ‘punish the wicked’

The Briefing 08-11-17

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  • Jeffress’ North Korea comments prompt debate about moral authority of President
  • Just War theory and North Korea: Military engagement justified only when it is the least worst option
  • Why the increase in profanity in American literature is an indicative barometer of culture

The Briefing 08-10-17

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  • War of words: Tensions at a fever pitch between United States and North Korea
  • Anglicans divided over same-sex marriage as archbishop of Canterbury visits Africa
  • Why does the Western media keep running photographs of a shirtless Vladimir Putin?

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The lessons of history are warning enough. The lessons of heresy are even more pressing. Brothers and sisters in Christ, we dare not miss the lessons of history and heresy. God will judge us. This we know.

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