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The Briefing 09-27-16

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  • Who won the debate? What fact-checkers and political analysts reveal about worldview and truth
  • But will they even vote? Poor civic involvement reflects lack of conviction amongst growing "nones"
  • China joins the quest for alien life with new, massive telescope
  • Missionaries to Mars: If found, would Christians need to take the gospel to aliens?

The Briefing 09-26-16

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  • Expected record draw for 1st presidential debate tonight driven by personality and political spectacle
  • Globalism and realpolitik: Obama less optimistic in final address to UN than first
  • Do "significant oversimplifications" govern our lives? The 5-second rule isn't true

The Briefing 09-23-16

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  • "Taboo" or objective moral evil? Swedish scientist seeks to edit the DNA of human embryos
  • 2,000-year-old Leviticus manuscript matches identically the Old Testament text we have today
  • Do you believe? Noah's Ark exhibit confronts secular reporter with questions of faith

The Briefing 09-22-16

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  • The end of mom and dad? Scientists say making babies without eggs may be possible
  • The danger of absolute power: Labour Party's collapse has destabilized British politics
  • History warns against a strongman: Praise for Putin reveals false hope of an autocratic leader
  • Detailed map of gay marriage in America gives new insight into our new moral landscape

The Briefing 09-21-16

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  • The irrationality of terrorists: One was a "normal American kid," the other had a history with the FBI
  • The heart is desperately wicked: Experts unable to find predictor for “Lone Wolf” terror
  • What is the proper moral reflex in response to the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in Tulsa?
  • Real ethics for artificial intelligence? Human beings and the gift of moral consciousness

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