The Briefing 08-28-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Utah polygamy ban struck down furthering absolute confusion on marriage

Utah Polygamy Law Partially Struck Down By Federal Judge Following ‘Sister Wives’ Lawsuit, International Business Times (Mark Hanrahan)

One Big, Happy Polygamous Family, New York Times (Jonathan Turley)

2) ‘Euthanasia tourism’ boom in Switzerland reveals quiet moral revolution on sanctity of life

‘Going to Switzerland’ Is a Euphemism for Assisted Suicide, The Atlantic (Julie Beck)

Will Doctors Be Forced to Kill?, First Things (Wesley J Smith)

3) Japan’s looming population crisis evidence of dangers of liberal worldview

The Other Population Crisis: What Governments Can Do About Falling Birth Rates, Foreign Affairs (Richard N Cooper)

Japan records fewer than 500,000 births in first half of year, Japan Times

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