The Briefing 08-19-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Spread of Ebola aided by lack of cultural understanding of Western medical practice

You Are Not Nearly Scared Enough About Ebola, Foreign Policy (Laurie Garrett)

With Aid Doctors Gone, Ebola Fight Grows Harder, New York Times (Sheri Fink)

Ebola Virus: For Want of Gloves, Doctors Die, Wall Street Journal (Drew Henshaw)

2) Pro-choicer criticizes abortion movement for treating abortion as a significant moral issue

Stop calling abortion a ‘difficult decision’, Washington Post (Janet Harris)

3) Anxiety in parenting reveals heart desires of parents

The Underchallenged ‘Lazy Teenager’, Wall Street Journal (Adam Price)

Parent-reported cases of disability in children rise, USA Today (Michelle Healy)

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