The Briefing 08-15-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Explosive growth of Islam in US indicator of vast change in Christian mission field

A New Mosque Rises—in Alaska, Wall Street Journal (Tamara Audi)

Imam Shortage Crimps U.S. Mosques, Wall Street Journal (Tamara Audi)

2) Closure of massive Atlantic City casino parable of the empty promises of gambling

Revel, Atlantic City’s Newest and Largest Casino, Is Closing, New York Times (Charles V. Bagli)

Albany Doubling Down as Casino Boom Fades, New York Times (Jessica McKinley and Charles V. Bagli)

A Good Way to Wreck a Local Economy: Build Casinos, The Atlantic (David Frum)

3) Secularism clearly linked with normalization of same sex marriage

LGBT Americans are less likely to be religious, Washington Post (Ryan Weber)

Tracking Christian Sexual Morality in a Same-Sex Marriage Future, The Public Discourse (Mark Regnerus)


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