The Briefing 08-14-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Tennessee judge breaks trend by upholding state’s same sex marriage ban

Tennessee judge breaks gay marriage’s streak, The Hill (Mario Trujillo)

Court Upholds Same-Sex Marriage Ban as Constitutional in Startling Reversal of Pro-Gay Trend, Slate (Mark Joseph Stern)

2) Arizona court recognizes transgender marriage, implicitly recognizes same sex marriage

Court: ‘Pregnant Man’ can get a divorce, USA Today (Michael Kiefer)

Arizona Appeals Court: ‘Pregnant Man’ can get a divorce, Arizona Republic (Michael Kiefer)

3) Acceptance of transgenderism total rejection of pattern of humanity – now in DC public school

Back to School: When Mr. Reuter Becomes ‘Ms. Reuter’, The Federalist (Mary Hasson)


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