The Briefing 08-11-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Centrality of US to world politics a temporary stewardship

We may not like it, but Isis and Iraq remind us that we need America to be the world’s policeman, The Telegraph (Dan Hodges)

2) James  Brady’s death ruled homicide as consequences of sin unfold over 30 years later

Coroner Is Said to Rule James Brady’s Death a Homicide, 33 Years After a Shooting, New York Times (Nick Corasaniti)

3) Nixon’s resignation reminder that sin often made worse by coverup

John Dean, sex machine? And other new revelations from the Nixon tapes., Washington Post (Richard Leiby)

4) European Human Rights Court denies a universal right to same sex marriage

European Human Right Court: No to Same-Sex Marriage, Breitbart (Austin Ruse)

5) Parents often ones calling driving teens

Parents drive kids to distraction, really, they do, USA Today (Sharon Jayson)


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