The Briefing 08-08-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Genocide and persecution in Iraq rightly causes Pres. Obama to authorize air strikes

Obama Authorizes Iraq Air Strikes Amid Genocide Threat, Bloomberg Businessweek (Margaret Talev, Terry Atlas, and Toy Capaccio)

Christians flee Mosul amid threats to convert or die, USA Today (Sophie Cousins)

The Christian Purge From Mosul, Wall Street Journal (Editorial Board)

2) Courts, not democracy, continues to play major role in normalization of same-sex marriage

Foes of same-sex marriage fight on as courts and opinion turn against them, The Guardian (Amanda Holpuch)

Federal appeals court may be roadblock to gay marriage cases in four states, Washington Post (Robert Barnes)

3) Marital infidelity not rising in US because marriage on decline

Is monogamy on the way out?, The Week (Damon Linker)

4) 40th anniversary of Nixon’s departure from White House reminder that even President is not above the law

Richard Nixon’s long shadow, Washington Post (George F. Will)

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