The Briefing 06-23-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Creationism banned from all government funded UK schools triumph of materialistic worldview

Teaching creationism as scientifically valid now banned in all UK public schools, United Press International (JC Sevcik)

Government extends requirement to teach evolution and banning of pseudoscience to future Academies, Politics (British Humanist Association)

Secular triumph as government bans creationism from free schools and academies, Politics (Ian Dunt)

2) Report of increased ‘gender-bending’ the claims of a revolution

Gender loses its impact with the young, USA Today (Sharon Jayson)

3) States competing for gambling revenue from low-income citizens

Casino Glut Pinches States, Wall Street Journal (Scott Calvert and Jon Kamp)

Gaming the Poor, New York Times (Barbara Dafoe Whitehead)

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