The Briefing 06-17-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Polarization of U.S. exposes deep significance of worldview

Political Polarization in the American Public, Pew Research Center

In polarized United States, we live as we vote, Washington Post (Dan Balz)

Polarization Is Dividing American Society, Not Just Politics, New York Times (Nate Cohn)

Dems Are To Blame For Political Polarization, Investors’ Business Daily (Editorial Board)

2) Hillary Clinton’s comments on same-sex marriage reveals leftward velocity of Democrat Party

Hillary Clinton: The Fresh Air Interview, NPR (Terry Gross)

Hillary Clinton’s strangely awkward Terry Gross interview on gay marriage, Washington Post (Alexandra Petri)

Hillary Clinton gets testy over gay marriage, Politico (Maggie Haberman and Katie Glueck)

3) Mothers making camp feel like home miss the point of camp

Moms paying pros $1,000 to pack their kids for camp, New York Post (Tara Palmeri)


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