The Briefing 06-16-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Breakdown of nation of Iraq reminder of human inability to prevent catastrophe

Why the rivalry between ISIS and al-Qaeda may lead to attacks on America, Washington Post (David Ignatius)

Rebels’ Fast Strike in Iraq Was Years in the Making, New York Times (Tim Arango, Kareem Fahim and Ben Hubbard)

Al-Qaida’s Metamorphosis Leads To Danger Of Attack On U.S., Investors’ Business Daily (David Ignatius)

How ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi became the world’s most powerful jihadist leader, Washington Post (Terrence McCoy)

Veterans Watch as Gains Their Friends Died for Are Erased by Insurgents, New York Times (Richard A. Oppel, Jr.)

2) Fathers’ Day demonstrates cultural confusion over necessity of fathers

Do Father’s Day cards that portray dad as an incompetent boob reflect today’s fathers?, Washington Post (Katherine Shaver)

Paternity on the page, Financial Times (Julius Purcell)

 New research reminds us why fathers matter, Washington Times (Janice Shaw Crouse)

Roughhousing Lessons From Dad, Wall Street Journal (Sue Shellenbarger)

Manifesto of the New Fatherhood, Esquire (Stephen Marche)

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