The Briefing 06-12-14

Podcast Transcript

1) California ruling opposes teacher tenure law for sake of children’s education

California court rules teacher tenure creates impermissible unequal conditions, Washington Post (Lindsey Layton)

2) Christian baker required to think ‘correctly’ as well as serve same-sex couples

Christian baker bucks order for gay weddings: ‘I’m not going to make cakes’ for them, Washington Times (Cheryl K. Chumley)

3) European nations to adjust GDP by including  illegal activities for economy’s appearance

Italy to include sex, drugs in GDP, USA Today (Trish Regan)

Sex, Drugs and GDP: the Challenge of Measuring the Shadow Economy, Wall Street Journal (Josh Zumbrun)

4) McCain praises Kissinger for preserving his honor during time as POW

Notable & Quotable: John McCain remembers how Henry Kissinger helped preserve his honor as a prisoner of war, Wall Street Journal (John McCain)


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