The Briefing 05-28-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Secular revival of religious artifacts exposes exhaustion of secular age

Lost Without a Prayer, New York Times (Lorne Manly)

A Resurrection of Eternal Joy, New York Times (Michael Paulson)

2) Clash of worldviews in differing interpretations of Census Bureau data

Signs of a Suburban Comeback, Wall Street Journal (Neil Shah)

In latest U.S. Census figures, cities continue growing, USA Today (Greg Toppo and Paul Overberg)

3) Disappearing dining rooms reveal shift in American family life

Luxury Homeowners Who Ditched the Dining Room, Wall Street Journal (Amy Gameran)

4) Secularists are dying off while religious people reproduce

Christianity will rise as sceptics die out, geneticist claims, The Telegraph (Sarah Knapton)

How Does Secularization Really Happen? – A Conversation with Mary Ebderstadt, (Albert Mohler with Mary Eberstadt)

5) Confusion of prettiness for beauty leads to popularity of ‘hand lifts’

Raise Your Hand for an Engagement Selfie, New York Times (Abby Ellin)

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