The Briefing 05-20-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Japan forced to reconsider pacifism in a hostile world

Japan Moves to Scale Back Postwar Restrictions on the Use of Military Power, New York Times (Martin Fackler)

Japan’s Pacifist Constitution, New York Times (Editorial Board)

More flexiblility for Japan’s military?, Washington Post (Editorial Board)

U.S. Charges Chinese Army Personnel With Cyberspying, New York Times (Michael S. Schmidt)

2) Profit motive in international relations heightens moral complexity and danger on planet

France’s Sale of 2 Ships to Russians Is Ill-Advised, U.S. Warns, New York Times (Michael R. Brown)

Satellite pinpoints US’s Russian space dependence, Financial Times (Robert Wright)

3) New Godzilla reflects old fears of judgment for new issues in new generation 

A Big ‘Godzilla’ Has a Big Weekend, New York Times (Brooks Barnes)

Still Radioactive and Spoiling for a Fight, New York Times (A.O. Scott)

Godzilla, Into the Storm and More Summer Cli-Fi Thrillers, TIME (Lily Rothman)

4) Vast majority of sporting bets placed illegally – the futility of regulating sin

Report finds 4 out of 5 sporting bets are placed illegally, Financial Times (Roger Blitz)

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