The Briefing 05-16-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Confusion over Catholic school moral contracts reveals need for confessional integrity

Catholic school teacher backs gay son, shuns contract,  Louisville Courier-Journal (Michael D. Clark)

Oakland Diocese requiring educators to conform to church teachings, San Francisco Gate (Joe Garofoli)

Catholic School Teachers At Diocese Of Oakland Required To Sign Morality Pledge Covering Personal Life, CBS

Catholic schools’ new “morality clause”: The Cincinnati dispute, a key Supreme Court case, and what schools are affected, (Patrick O’Donnell)

2) “Right to be forgotten” affirmed by European court a false promise

In Google case, E.U. court says people are entitled to control their own online histories, Washington Post (Craig Timberg and Michael Birnbaum)

3) Banning revenge porn attempt to recreate morality on the other side of immorality

Aim, shoot, regret: States move to ban ‘revenge porn’, USA Today (Trevor Hughes)

4) Technology and sports insufficient replacements for a parent’s attention

Oh, Baby: Wearables Track Infants’ Vital Signs, Wall Street Journal (Yuliya Chernova)

The Problem for Sports Parents: Overspending, Wall Street Journal (Kevin Helliker)

5) Digital presence not basis of a child’s identity

How Young Is Too Young for a Digital Presence?, New York Times (Molly Wood)


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