The Briefing 05-13-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Blasphemy laws like those in Pakistan are an offense to God

Increasing Violence in Pakistan Surrounding Blasphemy Cases Deters Opposition, Wall Street Journal (Annabel Symmington)

Pakistani Activist Shot Dead; Aided Blasphemy Suspects, New York Times (Waqar Gillani)

2) Decline of Roman Catholicism among Latino community effect of religious pluralism

The Shifting Religious Identity of Latinos in the United States, Pew Research Center

Growing Number of Hispanics in U.S. Leave Catholic Church, Wall Street Journal (Miriam Jordan)

Even as U.S. Hispanics Lift Catholicism, Many Are Leaving the Church Behind, New York Times (Michael Paulson)

3)  Boy Scouts slow to learn that compromise position on gays pleases no one

Compromise on Gays Pleases No One, Scouts Are Learning, New York Times (Kirk Johnson)

4) Suspicion of authority undermines Washington on climate change study

No one trusts Washington on climate change, Financial Times (Christopher Caldwell)


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