The Briefing 05-08-14

Podcast Transcript

1)Emily Letts attempts to undermine moral sense of guilt by filming own abortion

Why I Filmed My Abortion, Cosmopolitan (Emily Letts)

Philly Actress Emily Letts Films Her Abortion for YouTube, Philadelphia Magazine (Victor Fiorillo)

Here’s Why This Woman Filmed Her Own Abortion, TIME (Charlotte Alter)

A brave voice among choice supporters, Washington Post (Carter Eskew)

2) Divorce column furthers cultural redefinition of marriage

With Hindsight in the Rearview Mirror, New York Times (Louise Rafkin)

3) After climate change report, UN takes on goal of saving world

US failing to adapt to climate change threats, says report, Financial Times (Barney Jopson)

At the U.N., a Free-for-All on Setting Global Goals, New York Times (Eduardo Porter)