The Briefing 05-02-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Political views of ‘mature suburbs’ reflect deeper cultural shifts

Shifting Demographics Tilt Presidential Races in American Suburbs, Wall Street Journal (Elizabeth Williamson and Dante Chinni)

2) Bill Clinton’s politics now out of step with increasingly liberal Democratic party

Bill Clinton Defends His Economic Legacy, New York Times (Amy Chozick)

3) Sexual assault on college campuses cannot be contained by addressing only consent 

U.S. Lists Colleges Under Inquiry Over Sex-Assault Cases, New York Times (David S. Joachim)

4)’Boy problem’ in education key issue for economic future

A Link Between Fidgety Boys and a Sputtering Economy, New York Times (David Leonhardt)

5) Religious liberty issues arise every time the law and marriage intersect

Laws Defining Marriage as Union of Man and Woman Do Not Violate Religious Liberty, Ryan T. Anderson (The Foundry)

Suit Against NC Marriage Law Has Activists Excited. Should They Be?, Federalist (Mollie Hemingway)

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