The Briefing 05-01-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Questions raised by botched execution say more about morally ambiguous society than death penalty

One Execution Botched, Oklahoma Delays the Next, New York Times (Erik Eckholm)

Why Christians should support the death penalty, CNN (R. Albert Mohler, Jr.)

2) Most Americans want world to go away – history repeats itself

Americans Want to Pull Back From World Stage, Poll Finds, The Wall Street Journal (Janet Hook)

The Return of Geopolitics, Foreign Affairs (Walter Russell Mead)

3)Millennials attempting to back out of politics, just like their parents

The Democrats still have their own young-people problem, The Washington Post (John Sides

Low Midterm Turnout Likely, Conservative More Enthusiastic, Harvard Youth Poll Finds, Harvard University Institute of Politics

4) Need for edible marijuana regulations reveal sin as scarcely disguised foolishness

Colorado Eyes Edibles Rules As More People Eat Pot, Associated Press (Kristen Wyatt)

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