The Briefing 04-21-14

Podcast Transcript

1) The South Korean Ferry Tragedy – A Moral, Not Technical, Disaster

S Korea Arrests Ferry Captain, Financial Times (Song Jong-a)

Breaking Proud Tradition, Captains Flee and Let Others Go Down With Ship, New York Times (Christopher Drew and Jad Mouawad)

Human Error Suspected as Hope Fades in Korean Ferry Sinking, New York Times (Choe Sang-Hun, Su-Hyun Lee and Jiha Ham)

2) The “Brave New World” of Successful Human Cloning Draws Very Close

Scientists Make First Embryo Clones From Adults, Wall Street Journal (Gautam Naik)

3) Recent Hollywood Productions Reflect The Bible’s Shifting Place in our Culture

Special Event: “Noah” director Darren Aronofsky discusses faith and the environment, Mother Jones (Chris Mooney)

From Noah to Moses, why the renewed interest in Bible films?, Financial Times (Randy Boyagoda)

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