The Briefing 04-15-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Jewish Center Murders and Boston Bombing anniversary remind of the evil in human hearts

Man with history of anti-Semitism jailed in fatal shooting of three at Johnson County Jewish centers, Kansas City Star (LAURA BAUER, DAVE HELLING and BRIAN BURNES)

Man Kills 3 at Jewish Centers in Kansas City Suburb, New York Times (Emma G. Fitzsimmons)

Mosques Given New Message, Wall Street Journal (Tamara Audi)

2) Anglican inconsistencies and compromise on same-sex marriage cannot stand

Gay Anglican priest marries his boyfriend.  He’ll be the first of many, The Telegraph (Damian Thompson)

Church of England faces ‘crisis’ as gay priest weds, The Telegraph (Eward Malnick)

Gay Priest Marries in Church of England, The American Conservative (Rod Dreher)

Anglican Leader, Under Fire for Remarks, Urges Caution on Same-Sex Marriage, New York Times (BEN FENWICK and MICHAEL PAULSON)

3) Where do your tax dollars go? You may be surprised.

As Tax Day Nears, Where Does Your Money Go?, Wall Street Journal (Laura Sanders)

Taxes Creep Higher, New York Times

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