The Briefing 04-03-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Supreme Court lifts ban on aggregate campaign donations

Supreme Court lifts ban on aggregate campaign donations, USA Today (Richard Wolf and Fredreka Schouten)

2) Why is Mississippi religious freedom law controversial? It shouldn’t be.

Mississippi religious freedom law could bar gay people from businesses, The Guardian (Jon Swaine)

Mississippi: Bill to Shield Religious Practices Passes, New York Times (AP)

3) Boy Scout “halfway policy” now backfires as gay troop leader is fired

Boy Scouts Dismiss a Gay Troop Leader in Seattle, New York Times (Erik Eckholm)

4) American courts increasingly adopt European interpretation of religious liberty

How Europe defines religious freedom, Economist

5) A moral trend: Denmark couples not having babies

Sun, sex and a baby: the unusual package holiday for Danes, The Guardian (Michael Booth)

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