The Briefing 03-28-14

Podcast Transcript

1) Despite Obama’s “retrenchment” the world is becoming a more dangerous place

Global Crises Put Obama’s Strategy of Caution to the Test, New York Times (David E Sanger)

Superpower Once Lived Here, The Weekly Standard (William Kristol)

Obama warns Europe of return to nationalist conflicts, Financial Times (Christian Oliver and James Fontanella-Khan)

Obama’s Uncertain Trumpet, Wall Street Journal (Editorial)

2)Economic incentives for doing business with Russia will not keep people from moral problems

Siemens Chief Meets Putin in Russia, Wall Street Journal (William Boston)

3) As Malaysian Airlines pilot is accused, we may never know the answer to “why”

Malaysia jet disappearance no accident, investigator says, USA Today (Mahi Ramakrishnan)

4) Noah: The Bible is infinitely better at telling it’s own story than anyone else

Russell Crowe Meets the Pope, but Will Religious Viewers See Noah? Bloomberg Businessweek (Bilge Ebiri)

Is ‘Noah’ film sacred enough?, CNN (Carol Costello)



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