The Briefing 03-26-14

Podcast Transcript

1) One of the most important religious liberty cases in recent history now before Supreme Court

Crying Wolf on Religious Liberty, New York Times (Editorial Board)

Hobby Lobby case: Defenders of religious freedom should be careful what they pray for, Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Justices sound ready to reject contraceptives mandate under Obamacare, Los Angeles Times (David G Savage)

Justices Seem Divided on Health Law’s Contraceptive Rule, New York Times (Adam Liptak)

The government’s ‘compelling’ interest in protecting contraceptive coverage, Washington Post (Editorial Board)

Justice Kennedy Thinks Hobby Lobby Is An Abortion Case — That’s Bad News For Birth Control, Think Progress (Ian Millhiser)

2) In a fallen world, we can’t even take the ground beneath our feet for granted

Official: Residents knew of ‘high risk’ of landslides, USA Today (Elizabeth Weise, Janet Kim and John Bacon)

3) Madoff’s associates convicted despite claims of ignorance – They had to know

Jury Says 5 Madoff Employees Knowingly Aided Swindle of Clients’ Billions, New York Times (Rachel B Abrams and Diana B Henriques)

4) “Conservatives” who support marijuana are not truly conservative

Marijuana industry finds unlikely new allies in conservatives, Los Angeles Times (Evan Halper)

5) Tragic rise in animals consuming marijuana

Puppies on pot a growing hazard, USA Today (Trevor Hughes)


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