The Briefing 02-13-14

1) Kentucky Federal Judge overturns will of the people on same-sex marriage

The Other Shoe Drops in Kentucky: Federal Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in the Commonwealth,

Kentucky ban on gay marriages from other states struck down by federal judge, Louisville Courier-Journal (Andrew Wolfson)

Gay marriage | Kentucky still opposed, but acceptance growing, Bluegrass Poll says, Louisville Courier-Journal (Tom O’Neill)

2) Court considers overturning Texas same-sex marriage ban

U.S. court hears suit to overturn same-sex marriage ban in Texas, Reuters (Jin Forsyth)

Same sex couples ask federal judge to stay Texas’ anti-gay marriage amendment The Dallas Morning News (Robert T. Garrett)

3) Pray for husband of brain dead woman on life support carrying his unborn child

Brain-Dead, a Canadian Woman Remains a Silent Partner Awaiting Birth, New York Times (Ian Austen)

4) What’s holding back American teenagers? High school is boring and not challenging

What’s Holding Back American Teenagers?, Slate (Laurence Steinberg)