The Briefing 09-03-13

1) Obama drew red line and Syria has crossed it. How will the U.S. respond?

If this isn’t a red line, what is? The Economist

President Gains McCain’s Backing On Syria Attack, New York Times (Jackie Calmes, et. al)

On Syria strike, Obama administration ramps up pressure on Congress, shows flexibility, Washington Post (Karen Tumulty and Anne Gearan)

TRANSCRIPT: President Obama’s Aug. 31 statement on Syria, Washington Post

2) “To work is to pray,” labor and leisure as good gifts from God 

Work and the American Character, Wall Street Journal (Peggy Noonan)

Leisure and Labor—Two Gifts from God,

3) Teen unemployment at record highs

Teen employment hits record lows, suggesting lost generation, McClatchy Washington Bureau (Kevin G. Hall)

4) Americans have institutionalized and idolized adolescents, making it harder to grow up

Film reviews: The Way, Way Back, Pain and Gain, One Direction: This Is Us and Upstream Colour, Financial Times (Nigel Andrews and Antonia Quirke)

5) Australian Prime Minister claims to be devout Christian then defends homosexuality

Kevin Rudd launches passionate defence of gay marriage, The Telegraph (Jonathan Pearlman)

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