The Briefing 03-26-13

Story 1 – A historic week: Where will the Supreme Court justices go?

Heightened Scrutiny, New York Times (Op-Ed)

Marriage and the Supreme Court, Wall Street Journal (Op-Ed)

Is Legalized Gay Marriage Inevitable? Don’t Be So Sure, The Atlantic (Matthew Cooper)

Story 2 – Businesses draw the line on same-sex marriage

Starbucks CEO Doubles Down on Gay-Marriage Support, Telling Shareholder to Sell Stake If He Doesn’t Like Views, TIME (Kristene Quan)

Story 3 – Obituary a sad commentary on the scourge of pornography

Harry Reems dies at 65, Associated Press (Michelle L Price)

Story 4 – Architectural award is commentary on state of European church

Challenge for pope in Europe’s dwindling church, Associated Press (Raf Casert)

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