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A Favorite Quote from Jimmy Carter’s Diaries

The publication this week of White House Diary, the edited diary entries of former President Jimmy Carter, is a signal event in the publishing world. The book really is as interesting as expected, and much is revealed about Jimmy Carter and his times. I couldn’t help thinking that I would really like to read the entries that did not make it into this book, but I have enjoyed the book as it is.

One thing is for certain — only Jimmy Carter could have written this book. The real Jimmy Carter shows through on virtually every page.

Here is my favorite quote from the book, from the entry dated January 22, 1980:

I had a breakfast with evangelical leaders. They’re really right-wing: against ERA, for requiring prayer in school, against abortion (so am I), want publicly committed evangelicals in my cabinet, against the White House Conference on Families. In spite of all these negative opinions, they are basically supportive of what I am trying to do.

I think that redefines “basically supportive.”

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